Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taking it easy in Topeka

my husband makes himself comfortable on Billie's sofa
(note the ever-present ipad)

Tim and I traveled to Kansas yesterday afternoon.  We will drive to a remote location in the Flint Hills, near Cottonwood Falls, to attend the Symphony in the Flint Hills, a benefit concert for the Kansas City Symphony.  Billie and I attended last year, and it was spectacular.  I am thrilled that Tim was able to come with me this year.  
We woke to the sound of gentle thunder from an early morning storm.  With luck, the storm has cleared out  and paved the way for a beautiful event this evening.  The thought of being the tallest thing for miles out in the middle of the Kansas grassland in a lightning storm doesn't thrill me, so I have my fingers crossed.

a peek out the front windows of my friend Billie's house.

Billie has a lovely bay window overlooking her front garden.
See the small green tree located between the bird feeder and the central
window casement?  That is her new Gingko tree!
I may "borrow" some more leaves to bring home for a thermofax screen......

Being in Kansas in mid-June is such a pleasure.  It is hot and humid, really almost the same as in San Antonio, although no one from either place believes me about this.  Things are lush and green, and the wildflowers on the prairie are blooming.  Nothing fills my cup like driving through the Flint Hills and seeing the rolling grassland.  The prairie has a stark, lush beauty that is like nothing else.  Try as I might I can never seem to capture the essence of it in a photograph.  And I WILL keep trying.  Stay tuned!


  1. Her house looks absolutely peaceful. Have a lovely visit.

  2. It is a wonderful place. This was my "home away from home" all the years I commuted back and forth from TX.


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