Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Painting Outside the Blocks: Artists Do Lunch"

created by Frances Holliday Alford, Barb Forrester, Connie Hudson,
myself, Sherri McCauley, and Kathy York

On a roll! Our art quilt bee has made two quilts to enter into Houston IQA this year! This one is the result of what happens when you ask artists over for lunch, which is exactly what Frances Holliday Alford did! After lunch she brought out the fabric markers, and told us to play on the tablecloth. So, we all sat around, mindlessly drawing and playing.

Then, each time we got together we would draw or paint on a different section. Eventually, Frances tore up the tablecloth into six pieces, gave each of us a piece. The instructions were to finishing painting and then quilt your section. In about a month, we met again and joined our sections, then cut them apart and then joined them again. Last, we quilted some sections of black and white and then the border was overlapped with the edges of the quilt to create the curvy boundary, which were then joined together. It looks super fabulous! And really, really fun!
You can see more details on Kathy York's blog here.

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  1. what a beautiful piece. I hope I get to see it at Houston..hmm, someone should offer a class like this at CREATE...:-) and serve wine...


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