Saturday, June 19, 2010

In and around Atchison

Atchison was home to numerous railroad barons.
This lovely restored painted lady is one of many beautiful homes in the city.

My brick in front of the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum.

Posing with one of the oil paintings I made of Amelia.
This 16x20 painting resides in the museum.

The soda fountain at Ball Drug Store


  1. My granddaughter would love to visit that museum. Love the painting that you did!!

  2. Thanks, Gerrie. The AE Birthplace museum is a very special place, as is the entire city of Atchison. Many women from the 99s come here every year on the 3rd weekend for the Forest of Friendship gathering. It has become a weekend of reconnecting with close friends in the area, and the time is very precious to us all.

  3. I lived in Junction City for about 10 years. Most people do not know how really beautiful the Flint Hills are. Also, most people do not know of the incredible amount of history in Kansas. Not to mention the wonderful, friendly people there.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Kansas has its own beauty. Most of the people are happy that many consider it a "flyover" state.

  5. Get out!! Leslie! There is no end to your talents! the painting is just wonderful -- moody and wonderful! And look at that happy, sly smile on your face! Go Leslie!

  6. The painting is wonderful and the picture with the row of adults in the soda shop is fantastic too.


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