Sunday, May 2, 2010

Satin Organza

tray-dyed with scarlet Procion MX dye, still wet

dry, but un-ironed

ironed detail

While at the SAQA/SDA conference in March I purchased several lengths of cloth I had not worked with before, and this is one of them:  satin organza.  It has a higher momme (14mm) than the more traditional organza.  I'm not even sure that is the proper way to describe it, but I can tell you that it has a heavier "hand" than traditional organza, and there is a certain extra tactile quality.  This will be used to serve to stabilize the back of a collaborative quilt that has oodles of small pieces.  Each of said small pieces has a distinct mark which denotes the maker.  In using the organza we hope that these marks will ghost through the sheer.  We'll see.......

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