Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Soy Wax Crayon/Hot Procion-infused wax workshop

Last weekend I participated in the first-ever prototype workshop, taught by Lisa Kerpoe and Jane Dunnewold, to explore their newly developed techniques of using Jane's soy wax crayons and Lisa's hot colored soy wax batik workshop.
Jane has developed a proprietary wax formula to make ProcionMX crayons.  Lisa and Jane, together, developed some uses for these as well as dye-infused soy wax used for batik, and another version for stenciling.
It was so exciting to explore some of the possibilities these new tools will provide.  I'm itching to get back into the dye studio and push some ideas forward.  This was my first experience with steaming versus "batching" cloth.  Steaming is required for these techniques.  We all learned a few things along the way about steaming.
Here are a few photos from the weekend:
Jane (L) and Lisa introduce the methods of working 
with these new processes

Jane prepares a bundle of samples for the steamer

One of our two steamers at work

Stamping hot ProcionMX infused wax onto cotton

Cotton silk blend with rubbings and monoprinting

silk habotai, stenciled with red wax, then hand-painted with thinned charmeuse colored procionMX

silk jacquard, hand-painted with hot colored wax, then hand-painted with slightly thickened procion MX

posing with my samples (I was very hot & sweaty, and one week post-op!)


  1. Looks like so much fun. I just ordered some of the wax.

  2. "Dorothy had the shoes, but ..." what does the rest of it say? Lovely photo of you, btw.

  3. "Dorothy Had The Shoes, But She Didn't Have The Vision. Take the Controls. Women fly"
    It is one of my many "woman pilot" shirts. This one is nicely embellished with paint/dye.

  4. Gerrie, I had a blast with the crayons and you will, too.
    One thing I will caution you about: be careful about controlling the little "bits" that come off the crayons on and off the cloth. I thought I was being careful but inadvertently got some migrant dye on a few household items due to a dot or two of wax. Maybe wipe down the table surface and keep a trash receptacle close at hand for brushing off the "crumbs". Do you have a steamer?


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