Friday, May 28, 2010

Alliance for American Quilts fundraising event

I just finished my 16-inch square donation quilt for the Alliance for American Quilts.  These quilts will be auctioned off in increments on eBay.  Funds raised help support the mission of the Alliance, which is to preserve the history of quilts and the artists who make them.  If you have ever heard of "Quilters:  Save Our Stories" then you know about the Alliance.  Unfortunately, some people do not associate this activity with the organization who spearheads it.

My quilt was originally a different size, created for something that has come and gone.  I decided to revise it and try a different method of binding.  Kathy York told me the rudimentary technique of this binding.  Clearly, I need some practice, but it was satisfactory for this small piece.
"Nine Patch Revisited"

corner detail

Here's the back, sleeve and all.
I'm pretty vain about my quilt backs so it hurts just a bit to see the
imperfections.  Let's call it an exercise in humility....


  1. Love the colors - so yummy! Great piece. I'm sure it will bring in big bucks for the organization!


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