Thursday, January 21, 2010

Studio Day 3: More buckets of fun

I love looking in buckets when I am shocking the just-dyed cloth with cold water
I can't wait to see how everything turns out!

In screen printing the bamboo batting I was faced with a dilemma:  how do I get the excess dye and print paste out of the batting without destroying it?  Soak, soak, soak!  I opted out of putting either of my samples through an entire cycle in our old studio top-loader washing machine.  Not good.
I plunged the pieces is separate buckets (due to their different colors) and changed the water several times after hand-agitating the pieces.  When the water began to clear I put them in the washing machine and spun the excess water out of them and hung them to dry.

Here are the results:

bamboo batting, excess dye and print paste removed



  1. I didn't know batting could be turned into art! It's beautiful.

  2. The pictures do not do this piece justice! The "real life" is amazing! It has been fun to watch the progress....can't wait to see how you use it in future work.


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