Monday, January 18, 2010

Independent Study/Master Class & a few other odds and ends

I'm sorry I haven't been writing regularly.  A good bout of influenza will do that to you.  I was too sick to care whether I had regular flu or high-octane flu.  I had a positive screen for it, and I'm assuming I had H1N1 because of my high fever.  As far as I'm concerned, Tamiflu is a wonder drug.  It cut the viral replication and I was better so much sooner.  Still, it sucked.

Today was the first day of the 2010 Independent Study/Master Class.  What a great way to kick off the year: I love getting back into the studio-mode.  This week is a wonderfully energizing way to start new work and push ongoing work forward.  Here are a few things I'm kicking around:

Here is a dye bucket (actually a rinsing-off-the-excess-dye bucket)
with a piece of silk and some facial cloths.
I think this is a cool photo looking down into my orange bucket.

deconstructed, resist, and monoprinting with thickened dye onto silk/soy cloth

screen-printing with a stencil resist under the screen,
mono-printing, drawing with thickened dye
onto silk broadcloth

"rubbings" of a rubber floor pad and a placemat
with thickened dye onto silk/soy cloth

......and now for a humorous photo

my husband ordered this and I didn't notice the
printing on the side of the box until I was dragging it to the trash.
It seemed like a photo-op I shouldn't let pass.  Ha ha!

......and a cute photo

Claire cuddling Bizzi


  1. Facial cloths?! Genius.

    My Claire loves to snuggle with our pup, too!

  2. So sorry you have been sick; and so happy that you are better. Take care of yourself so that you don't risk a relapse. And, by the way, what was in the High Quality Dummy box?

  3. Thanks! Rachel, there was an actual "high quality dummy" in the box. my husband ordered it for his ongoing project. I laughed a lot when I saw that description, let me tell you.
    I'm writing an article about my work with the facial cloths. Look for it in an upcoming Quilting Arts magazine!


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