Thursday, January 21, 2010

Master Class/Independent Study, Day 4

I worked hard to pare down an article I am writing.   I worked on it late last night, & it needed more tweaking today.  I'm satisfied with what I have.  I think....

In between bouts of writing I was taping thermofax screens and working on 2 lamination samples.
These samples were done using synthetic organza and images printed on Kinkos color copier paper.
The type of paper makes quite a difference.  I have done lamination before, but these were done with heavy gel medium rather than matte medium.
These shots are taken with the sheer laying over both a black background and a yellow background:

can you guess what this image is?

This is rotated 90 degrees from the other image, which makes it
harder to see what it is.

The first images are created from a piece of construction fence.  The second image is a thermofax screen made from one of my life drawings of a male model posing partially seated and facing away from me.  The paper used in the second piece are color copies of a circuit board schematic my husband created for a product his company manufactures.  I used to solder all the components onto those circuit boards looking through a microscope and using surgical tools (the boards were considerably smaller than these schematics.  I think they look interesting as laminated imagery.  The first piece of cloth is more visually pleasing to me, but that may be because I love round and ovoid shapes.  The second piece is visually confusing, which I think is just fine.  I was interested to see if this level of detail would translate well using this method.  My clumsy technique needs much improvement, but these look better than previous attempts.

The color copy paper behaved beautifully.

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