Saturday, June 20, 2009

Remarkable Women

bronze sculpture of Amelia Earhart
on the grounds of the Forest of Friendship
Atchison, Kansas

program bio for Aruna Kandarpa,
the first female commercial helicopter pilot in India

Aruna receives her award
(this is her first-ever trip to the US, and she was very excited about it!)

program bio for Norah O'Neill, the first woman pilot for Flying Tigers/Federal Express
and the 7th female commercial airline pilot in the US
Norah is also a fiber artist!

Norah receiving her award 
(she wrote a book about her experiences in the aviation industry called "Flying Tigress")

One of the subcultures I am fortunate to be a part of is the world of aviation, particularly the Ninety Nine's, an organization of women pilots.  Each year many of us come together in Atchison, KS, the birthplace of Amelia Earhart (the first president of the Ninety Nine's).  On the third weekend of June we gather to honor those that have made an impact on aviation.  Each year, a number of amazing and inspiring people are inducted into the Forest of Friendship, a lovely forest on the edge of the city.  The forest was established during the bicentennial celebration to honor Atchison's historical ties to aviation.  Each year, selected people or organizations are inducted into the forest, with a plaque embedded into the pathway that wanders throughout the lovely place. These women are two of the 33 individuals who were honored this year by the Forest of Friendship.

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  1. That is so cool. What an honor for you to be part of this great organization of women. I tip my hat to you!


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