Monday, June 8, 2009

Indian Textiles

Box of colorful bangle bracelets from India

detail of an elaborate woven silk sari

detail of a linen sari
Danville Chadbourne and Diana Roberts 
Both avid textile and folk-art collectors, they collected folk and tribal weavings, 
saris, salwar kameez, and other items along the way during 3 months of travel 
in 2007. In this show-and-tell presentation, Danville & Diana will share some 
of the items they collected in their travels, with discussion about cultural 
background & travel stories.
One of the truly wonderful things about living in San Antonio is the Fiber Artist's Guild.  We have a juicy, eclectic, interesting group of artists in the community, and our programs are varied and exciting.  Above is the FASA newsletter description of today's program.
Today's visual treat:  a presentation of Indian texiles from the collection of Danville Chadbourne and Diana Roberts.  The textiles were acquired while Danville participated in an extended artist-in-residency in that country.  He and Diana had an opportunity to travel extensively to a number of areas, and their collection of antique quilts, every day cloth items such as bed linens and tablecloths, as well as beautiful men's clothing and women's saris reflects a variety of tribal color and pattern.  To say that we were served a delicious visual "feast" would be an understatement.  

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