Sunday, March 22, 2009

Paper cloth experiment

Paper from my shredder

Shredded paper fused to a piece of Spoonflower custom fabric with Misty Fuse.
The cloth has imagery of shredded paper

detail of sari silk strips, layered over paper, fused

full view of cloth/paper construction prior to quilting

I have a lot of things going on in the studio (ADD?  possibly).  It is fun to have several projects moving along at once, as I like moving back and forth between them.  I've been playing with my recent purchase of custom-printed cotton from Spoonflower, and here is one of the experiments.  I adore using things that have had a previous life and constructing something new from them, and here is another of those projects.  In this case, I am continuing my exploration of shredded paper.  I love the look of a big pile of randomly shredded paper!  All those bits of color mixed together haphazardly is very exciting.  
I have been using them as a resist under a silkscreen, stitching them together, fusing them, and now a combination of cloth, paper, silk strips, and silk yarn.  I like where this is going.......

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