Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Date With Urban Garden and Florabunda!

The moment I saw the strike-offs of Melly Testa's new line of fabric, "Florabunda", from RJR I realized her line was a "kissing cousin" to my own line, "Urban Garden".  Both were launched at  fall Quilt Market in 2017.  I couldn't wait to work on a project using selections from both lines.

Am I right? 
These prints work together! 

For this project I opted to make a giant hexagon quilt using templates from Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  I appreciate the ease with cutting my fabric pieces and the simplicity of piecing the quilt together.  I recommend these templates.  They are well made and include a few piecing suggestions.  I found it very helpful.

Another thing I found helpful while I was cutting my pieces out was this rotating cutting mat.
I honestly can't remember the brand name.  For something that requires a lot of angled cutting
these things are great.

I wanted to use the bolder prints as the hexagon elements and reserve the lighter, low-volume
prints for the triangles and this is what I did, for the most part.

Since this is to be a baby-size quilt top I didn't have very many to cut.  I did run short of 
a few of the Floribunda prints and I made up for it by piecing some of them to create an
area large enough to cut out a piece with the template.

You can see on the 4th row, right edge, I used a print that was a bit close in value to the 
hexagon, but I thought it was a bit fun to do that in one area of the quilt.
These are situated the way I want to piece them.

The triangular piece makes assembling this quilt top so easy!
I added the triangles to opposite sides of the hexi, then pieced these to one another.

Once the rows were pieced I joined them together and trimmed the sides.
I could have left the angles on the edges but it is a bit more difficult to bind.  If you 
opt to do that you need to sure to use bias for your binding as it is more forgiving around those corners.

It is now off to the longarm quilter!  I enjoyed working on this project and I hope you will pick up some of Florabunda to play with.  While you are at it, get some Urban Garden, too.


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Friday, January 5, 2018

2017 Retrospective: Fourth Quarter


In Ohio to study with Nancy Crow.
an evening bonfire at the Crow Barn

One of John's beautiful winesap apples.  It looks like
a deconstructed screen to me!

One quarter of my bullseye

dahlia from Nancy's cutting garden

a trip to Amish country the weekend between workshops

an Amish farmer 

doing my presentation
late night drive back to my airbnb in Granville OH

another construction in-process

my critique

Urban Garden Selvedges

quilt market prep underway!

free pattern giveaway

Monarch Migration 

Celebrating Bizzi's 13th birthday with Chuck and Ellie before I leave for Houston
and Quilt Market

I made 2 succulents for my Schoolhouse door prizes

Schoolhouse presentation at Quilt Market

putting together my booth in the RJR booth at Quilt Market



A visit to the Van Gogh exhibit that I co-juried for Cherrywood Fabrics
Jamie and I pose before our curator pieces in the Dinner At Eight exhibition

A blowout on the way back to San Antonio.
Very disappointing.

Another finish.

Thanksgiving in Iowa with the family.



A freak 2" snowfall in San Antonio.
I might have been the only one who wasn't all that psyched about it, but still,
I do appreciate how people feel about it since most haven't had to live with it longterm!

Tim and Bizzi have a conversation

I learn to make tamales

family over for a day of swimming and cooking in the 
outdoor kitchen

A family walk on the "river reach" between the Pearl and downtown.

Happy New Year!
May 2018 be a great one for all of you!

2017 Retrospective: Third Quarter


It's hot!  The Allium are now all dried out and I still love them just as much.

The SAMQG comes over to have a party/meeting at my house.

To Lowell for the opening of "Threads of Resistance".
My daughter and friend Michele are present.

Friends at a post-opening reception.

Later that same evening I flew to the Netherlands.

and you think your parking spaces are tight..!

A Mandrake?

The Goldfinch, my favorite painting, housed in Mauritshaus in The Hague.
I noted that it has "pride of place" now that it has become famous since the publication of the book 
of the same name.  Prior to this, it was hung above a doorway in a very nondescript location.
It is now in the same room as "Girl with a Pearl Earring" by Vermeer.

Rooftop view from the apartment where my husband and daughter were living for 6 months
during a project.

A harbor tour of Rotterdam, which has some of the most gorgeous 
contemporary architecture.  The city was totally destroyed during WWII

The original headquarters of the Holland America Line.

To Amsterdam for the day.  A visit to the Rijksmuseum.

Home from Europe and back to work on another quilt.

Nests & Vessels #1

a workshop to learn how to make 3D succulents

I flew to Santa Fe and met Tim.  He was invited to give  a program on 
painting and optics in the 17th century at the Santa Fe Institute.

Home again and a birthday....
Tim gave me this floating bouquet.

The garden grows.

I get a surprise package containing several letters my father wrote to a friend during 
his flight training in WWII.  I was so emotional about it.
It was like getting a bit of my father back!  And to read his letters written
as a young man.  It was special.

The beauty berries ripen.

Hurricane Harvey makes landfall as a Cat 5 and looks like it is headed straight to us.
We certainly dodged a bullet but everyone knows what happened instead....



My beautiful fabric line arrives.
I love how it turned out!  Urban Garden drops in early March 2018.
Look for it!

I love this so much.  I saw it in an airline magazine.

Jamie and I go to Hamilton MO for the 
Missouri Star Quilt  Company birthday bash.
It was quite the deal.

Jenny Doan

And, amazingly enough, I reconnected with Lori Rognlie.
I took care of her 33 years ago when I worked as an RN in L&D in Topeka KS!
She just happened to be in Hamilton MO for the event!  How crazy is that?!
It was one of those special moments for me.  It is a small world.

Back on a plane out of Kansas City and on to Columbus, then to
the Crow Barn for two weeks of study with Nancy.

my "home" for two weeks.