Monday, October 29, 2012

Quilt Market, Part Three: More Moda, then a field trip to Insight Optical

It is not a surprise that Moda Fabrics won the award for best booth at Market.  Everything about it sang color and innovation.  Here are a few shots of their booth.  I'm afraid they really don't do it justice.
The Moda booth theme.

Paint sticks dipped in a rainbow of colors, tablecloths and chair covers 
created to resemble paint swatches.  Love!

Paint cans with more color dripped around the rim of each can.


An annual side-trip for Jamie and I is to visit Insight Optical.  For the eyeglass wearer it is a mecca of stylist frames.  We always make an appointment to work with Susan, who is fantastic at assisting with frame selection and fit.  Here are a few scenes for our field trip:
Jamie in her newly-selected frames.
Every time she put these on she giggled.
Happy glasses!

Here are my new frames.  Woot!

Getting marked for the progressive lenses...

Color me happy!

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