Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween at Festival!

Now that I don't have little Trick-Or-Treaters at home (I never wanted to miss out) I can enjoy a nice relapse into childhood with my crazy friends at festival!
Rachel Parris, as a witch/vampire

Judy & Indigo Perez.  Indigo is sporting her handmade (creepy!) mask.

Lyric Kinard kisses my bat.


Rachel leads us in our "strong women" toast:
Here's to strong women:
May we know them
May we raise them
May we be them!
(Woo Hoo!)

Me, wearing the scary mask. 
Rachel, looking like scary Anderson Cooper, as Judy Coates Perez looks on with amusement.

Barbie & Ken....and body parts.

Rachel looks pretty good as a pirate!

And is it Ms. Napkinhead (Frances Holliday Alford), 
with Judy practicing Spoonology & Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Barbie gets bitten!

Barbie gets a ride!

Hoodie Cresent rocks a great wig, while Connie Hudson looks on in amusement

Barbie & Bat

Michele Muska


  1. LOL seems like a trite response to this post, but that is really what I am doing here. That was SO much fun.

  2. It was WAY FUN! We put the FUN in dysfunctional and we love every minute of it! LOL

  3. Such great times. Love Rachel's purple vampire teeth - she is so color coordinated. I treasure our crazy dinners together! It is just so great to hang out with these strong women!


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