Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quilt Market, Part One

This year marks the 20th year anniversary of my first trip (from Kansas City!) to IQF Houston.  I didn't attend every year since then, but I would say that I have attended at least 13 of them.  In all those years I have never attended Quilt Market until 2012.  It was my great pleasure to work in the Havel's Scissor booth one day of Market.  My friend and teaching partner, Jamie Fingal, did the same on a different day.
What a visual feast it is to see all the booths at Quilt Market!  It is a very different scenario from Festival.  The movers and shakers of our industry & subculture are to be found here.  It is truly an international event, with buyers from across the globe viewing and ordering all the newest tools and fabric designs.
I enjoyed the experience and want to share some of it with you.  The following are random shots taken as I was walking around on the show floor.  Enjoy!

David Gray of Parson Gray.
What a nice guy!

Tula, of Tula Pink!
I dig her glasses, and well, everything else about her.  She is cool!


  1. Love that little fabric-covered rolling cart! Thanks for the pics, Leslie.

  2. I've gone to one Market, when it was here in Salt Lake City, and I absolutely LOVED it. So much fun to meet the designers and see what is up and coming. The booths are all fabulous. It is amazing how much work goes into each booth and the wonderful detail each booth boasts. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. You are welcome. In a day or so I'll get organized and put more photos up of Market and Festival. Stay tuned!


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