Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Los Angeles: Delivering a quilt, and hopefully, a baby!

In my "former life" I was a Labor & Delivery nurse, a job I loved very much.  One of the most gratifying parts of my work was being able to care for people I know and help them through an amazing rite of passage:  parenthood.  When my friend asked me to support her during labor, I was both honored and excited.
I arrived in Los Angeles on Sunday.  First stop:  "Sew Modern" quilt shop.  Our goal is to walk this baby out!
Look at this awesome chair, created with Kokka fabric!
The baby shower quilt has now been delivered to the new mother.

Today, we had lunch and wandered around at Huntington Gardens in Pasadena.  This was my first visit, and I enjoyed it so much.  Here are a few photos:
a leaky spigot

Wisteria vine


bamboo forest in the Japanese garden

a tiny little pool of water inside a leaf

A beautiful patio created with small inlaid pebbles and slate strips

it seems very "quilt like" to me

zen garden

You know how much I love rocks!  This was a beauty.

Lotus pods

Koi & turtle

so beautiful

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  1. Have not been to the Gardens in eons, thanks for having such delightful photos.


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