Friday, September 7, 2012

A Tribute to Virginia Avery (and an e-burst from Quilt Alliance)

I am shamelessly cut/pasting a portion of an e-blast from the Quilt Alliance. 
I was fortunate to have taken a workshop with Virginia Avery in the early 90's called
"Move Over Matisse".  It was a very liberating and fun experience, and I enjoyed every
 minute of my time with this amazing woman.  The quilt world owes much to this
creative force of nature, who certainly walked this world to the beat of her own unique drum!
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Weekend eBurst  September 7, 2012   
Why We Do What We Do:  
The story of an incredible life, documented safe and sound.  
Virginia Avery with wearable
Virginia Avery in her home in Port Chester, New York,
showing one of her quilted wearables.

Virginia Avery, a pioneer in the American Quilt Revival period beginning 
in the 1970's, passed away yesterday, September 6, just three weeks
 shy of her 100th birthday. "Jinny" was internationally known for her quilts 
and wearable art, and was also an accomplished jazz pianist--her band
 played on the Today Show and for UN delegates.
 Explore Jinny's Quilt Treasures web portrait to watch her video interviews
 and mini-documentary, and see photos of her quilts. The documentation 
of this incredible life is what the Quilt Alliance is all about.  

We thank all of our supporters who allow us to save quilt history for future 
generations. Funding for Jinny's quilt story was generously provided by 
Jinny Beyer, Lake Mills Studios, RJR Fashion Fabrics, Karey Patterson 
Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes. In-kind support came from Michigan 
State University Museum and MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters 
and Social Sciences Online at MSU. Thank you for investing in this project 
to document the life of this great artist.

Here is a short excerpt from Jinny's Quilt Treasures web portrait-- a testimonial
 from Jinny's longtime friend (and fellow Quilt Treasure) Bets Ramsey recounting 
a special visit to Jinny's studio in Port Chester, New York:
The studio was stacked high with all the necessities for a fabric artist. 
Orderly chaos. Jinny was working on a vest for her granddaughter's
 present and other projects were in sight. Jinny has a love of bold, 
bright colors and uses them to great success in her work. With years 
of experience she is sure and quick in planning and executing a design 
and the results is always smashing. I am sure her enthusiasm guarantees 
success in her classes.

Wearable art by Virginia Avery
"Of Thee I Sing Baby." Circular cape made as an invitational piece for the birthday of the Statue of Liberty, sponsored by the Museum of American Folk Art in New York City, 1986 - from March 1998 issue of Quilters Newsletter Magazine.
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Hope to see you soon!

Amy E. Milne, Executive Director
The Alliance for American Quilts

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