Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Using Kaffe Fassett Shot Cotton in a Baby Quilt!

I'm sure I'm late to this party, but I recently fell hard for Kaffe Fassett's "shot cotton" collection.  I even splurged and bought the entire palette of colors, and as you can see by this image, it is a very big selection of colors!  I bought this quarter-yard assortment from Glorious

My first project using these gorgeous colors involves a baby quilt.  I co-hosted a shower for a young (LA Modern Guild) friend recently, and decided to pre-fuse the fabric with Mistyfuse, then die-cut circles and flower petals in a selection of colors she is using in the nursery.  Each shower guest was asked to write a word describing a characteristic they hope the baby will have.  I used Pentel gel roller fabric pens for this and they worked beautifully.  For ease of use, I temporarily fused the die cuts onto squares of parchment.  

The fabric on the left is stretched over a canvas for nursery decor.  I am basing the baby quilt colors on it.

A close-up image of one of the shot cottons.  Gorgeous!

After fusing the cloth sections are doubled up and die-cut with my Go! cutter

I cut 4.5 inch squares from all these prints.
The flowers & circles will be fused onto the squares after the shower.

Rather than a traditional batting I have decided to use one layer of diaper gauze to keep this lighter in weight.  This is, after all, a California baby.  I also know that the baby has received two other beautiful quilts!  
 Here is the Pentel pen.
A sample....
die-cuts fused temporarily onto parchment squares....

After piecing the quilt top the die-cuts were fused to the surface

Two sections of diaper gauze yardage were zig-zagged together for the "batting".

This stuff is lovely!  (although I found out later that it causes a lot of tension issues when I attempted to free-motion quilt it!)

I pinned the quilt top to the gauze.
I decided to pillowcase the quilt and avoid the additional bulk that a binding would create.  Therefore, I pinned the gauze to the quilt top-only, stitched the quilt back (right sides together) around the perimeter and left an opening.  The quilt was turned right side out and the opening hand-stitched closed.  The edges were steam-pressed and re-pinned.  
I found that I had to use my regular presser foot (#1) and use feed dogs up to stitch this quilt together. 


  1. At first I thought,"Kaffe Fassett shot???" Thank goodness it was only "shot cotton", LOL! I love the colors and what you have done with them ... and I've also used the diaper gauze as batting for a summer-weight quilt. That's one lucky baby!

  2. Love the colors, shapes, and end result. First time I've seen what a Go! cutter can do. Now I want one.

    Diana Kellerman

  3. I really (!) struggled initially with free-motion quilting this thing. Finally, after tweaking everything I could think of, cleaning the machine, oiling...I opted to try a smaller needle. I put in an 80 Topstitch after trying to use a 90. This seemed to make the difference. The only thing I can figure is that the difference in thread-count between the top and bottom layers versus the gauze "batting" was confusing the machine. Other ideas? Linda?

  4. Great project Leslie! Looks wonderful too!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing. It's wonderful


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