Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Fun

My youngest daughter invited 6 of her college friends to come to Texas for their week of spring break.
My young guests were either from New York City, upstate New York, or Boston.  None of them had been to Texas.  I think it is safe to say that they were pleasantly surprised by what this area had to offer.
It didn't hurt that we are having one of our most beautiful spring wildflower displays in years, and our weather was spot-on perfect the entire week, especially when one considers that they left weather in the 30's!
Here are some pics from the week:
gorgeous bluebonnet display on my friends' property

Here's the group!

great Texas barbeque at Rudy's!

Who knew plastic spoons could be modified into protective eyewear?
a picture of the picture of the...

Fantastic Neopolitan pizza at Dough!
All the New Yorkers said it was the best they had ever eaten.

Napkin trick.

Swimming in the beautiful Medina river...

tree roots squeezing up out of "alligator" rock

I'm not sure what this is...

but the tiny individual buds were gorgeous.


Last breakfast before departure for all but one...

Loading up for the airport.  I'm sad.

What a great group!  I'm going to miss them and want them
to come back as soon as they are able.


  1. Wow. So lovely ... sounds like a wonderful new stage in parenting. I can hardly imagine.

  2. Deborah, it IS a wonderful stage. I had so much fun with this fantastic group of kids. I am delighted that they wanted to spend their senior spring break week with us. The only downside? The left to go back to school. I just put my daughter on a plane this morning. Now, the house is too quiet.


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