Thursday, April 12, 2012

SewEzi Table

My friend Charlotte had a SewEzi table at an annual workshop we both attend.  I was pretty impressed with it, and decided that, since I am struggling so much with tendonitis in both arms from, well, a variety of art-related insults (read multiple activities that have vigorous repetitive motion) this table makes a lot of sense.  One thing I am always bothered by in workshops with my sewing machine is that the machine sits high up on the table, which requires me to lift up my arms at an angle that is not good for the tendonitis.
This table can be positioned at a right angle to a typical workshop work table, so it enables me to have even more room.
Plus, it has custom inserts for the surface:  one comes with the cost of the table and more can be ordered.  I even ordered a solid insert so the table can double as a lightbox!
The tables comes with an impressive travel bag, which protects the table and allows the rolling wheels to remain exposed

Here is my Bernina 440QE seated in the table.
The table comes with one clear insert and straightforward instructions as to how to assemble the 
machine base (onto which the wheels are attached) in order to have it flush with the surface for your particular machine.  Brilliant!

here is the insert

See the skate wheels on the edge of the machine base?  Love.

the table underside, prior to folding up the legs

folded legs, ready to roll!

The cover has two pockets:  one for the clear insert, and I think I'll use the other for storage of an extension cord.

I'm preparing to go to the 2nd annual San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild retreat this weekend.  I'm taking the table with me (along with a truckload of other important stuff LOL) and I'll take some photos of my set-up while there.  I'm excited


  1. Thank you for this post, Leslie! I've been searching for a few years for a sewing table like this one.

  2. You are welcome! I'm looking forward to working with it this weekend at a Modern Guild retreat. I'll report back on how it goes.

  3. I have one of these tables and it is very convenient. Being able to fold it up and store it so quickly is a major plus!

    1. I agree, Carole. I just used mine for a 5 day design/color theory intensive, and the table was perfect. It really helps my arms because I'm sitting in better position with relation to the height of the machine to the chair. I have tendonitis, mostly under control, but raising my arms for long periods of time due to the height of the machine is not good. This helps!


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