Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Blackboard Paint(ed) wall

I recently surprised one of my daughters by transforming an unoccupied bedroom upstairs into her room.
I wanted to smooth the surface of one wall in the room and paint it with chalkboard paint.  I created a framed chalkboard-area on a portion of one of my kitchen walls and we have had a lot of fun with it:

I really like darker colors in my own bedroom, which is a deep chocolate brown.  With this in mind, I chose a deep gray color for the two end walls, and a grayed-down magenta for the wall opposite the chalkboard.  I was gambling on the colors, but I wanted the move to be a surprise (she was coming home for a visit) and I figure, what the heck:  it's only paint.
The desk is a project we worked on together quite a number of years ago.
I love how it looks in this room!

Here is a portion of the chalkboard wall, with her fake headboard hastily drawn by me.
I hung a utility clamp light on the top of a vintage IV pole.

She was happily surprised with the new digs.  Yay!

One little tip about chalkboard-painted walls:  wait 72 hours before you apply chalk, then "prime" the wall by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk over the surface and "erasing" prior to drawing sharper lines on the wall.  This makes the wall easier to clean.  You can see I was doing this just prior to adding the headboard!


  1. How much fun! I can't imagine that she wouldn't love it. Is she the one who did the chalk of your dog? It is quite fabulous?

  2. She is the one who did the dog portrait. I love it so much that I have left it in place!

  3. LOVE this room! So awesome... the paint is perfect!

  4. It's great to collect paint chips when planning a room, but hold off making final choices until you've developed an overall room scheme.


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