Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fiber Artists of San Antonio 2011 Juried Exhibition Opening

Ilse Aviks was the juror for the 2011 exhibition, which opened this evening at the beautiful Gallery Nord.
The diverse, lovely exhibition will be hanging through the month of October, and I strongly recommend you try to stop by if you are anywhere near the city.
This gallery is really a perfect spot to feature long pieces, which can be hung in the central portion of the gallery.  They add to the experience of wandering through the beautiful work.  This year did not disappoint.  I can't even name all the pieces, and I didn't try to photograph everything.  I want to share just a  few shots from the opening reception.  I would like to go back during the earlier part of the day to see the work in different light.
by Laurel Gibson
(the lengths of color are embroidery floss!)

Lisa Kerpoe
(art cloth mounted on canvas)

I was very amused at how fascinated many people were with the back of my quilt!
It was fun to have this quilt ("What Remains") free-hanging in the gallery.

This was taken from the upper level looking down into the main level
Susie Monday's quilt (left on wall) won first place.  Susie's other quilt is on the right side.


  1. What a beautiful exhibition. Congratulations to you. I love how you shot the gallery.

  2. Thanks, Jamie. Gallery Nord is a beautiful venue for our exhibition. We are truly fortunate to have the opportunity to have it there. Perhaps we can sneak by on the way out of town. It is close to my house!

  3. I accidentally entered the blog, I like what I see.
    I would like to learn something from you.
    living in Romania. Unfortunately, here quilting is an unknown craft to most people.:(

  4. This exhibit looks amazing! Congratulations! Thank you for sharing some photos.

  5. Thanks for stopping by, lilianna and Mia Bloom Designs. Stop by often!

  6. Thanks Leslie! Laurel


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