Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Kind of Candy Store

My contribution to the fundraising quilts for the Alliance for American Quilts is late.  I'm a tardy girl.
I needed to make time for this project before the holidays, but that sure didn't happen.  In a way, I'm glad.
As part of a holiday gift exchange with the Austin bee I belong to I received a box of delightful goodies from my friend and fellow Alliance Board member, Frances Holliday Alford.  I received yoyos, small hand-embroidered squares, among other delights.
My 16-inch (still unfinished at the edges) quilt is called, "My Kind of Candy Store", which is a collaboration of sorts between myself and the queen of all bower birds, my friend Frances.  Frances has a collection of embellishments that would put any bead and embellishment store to shame.  Her new studio space in Vermont, aptly named "Embellishments" is a sort of wonderland that would bring any beading enthusiast to tears.  I was on hand to watch Mark Lipinski perform a sort of "self-baptism" into the bead religion at the altar of Frances' bead studio.  You think I'm making this up?  I have photos:
Mark's expression of amazement as he enters the "bead and embellishment" room
Mark immerses himself in the riches of Frances' 
color-separated bead drawers.  A separate drawer for every color.

Here is an image of the stacked jars of smaller beads and spools.
Here is the quilt I created with my Spoonflower cloth, beads, and Frances' yoyos:



  1. I just new Frances must have something like this for her gorgeous beads.

  2. I love the photo of Mark burying his head in the beads. Frances' quilts are amazing, so I can only imagine what her studio is like. I love the glass jars for holding the supplies. Great visual display.

  3. A truly delightful place. I positioned myself in the room in order to catch Mark's reaction on camera. He didn't disappoint!

  4. Didn't you just love being there! It is a special place in a special town.

  5. Thanks to all of you. I want to share my studio.

  6. I think Frances has added a LOT of color and excitement to the town of Grafton.

  7. Well, living in Grafton is a treat. After the front yard snow dying is over, I will take a poll.


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