Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Infinite Variety (of red and white quilts)

I had a number of reasons to make a trip to NYC:  I have a daughter in school here, I have a dear friend who is in the midst of chemo here, I had a board-related function for the Alliance for American Quilts.
But if the only thing I had come to see was "Infinite Variety:  Three Centuries of Red & White Quilts", if I had flown in from Texas, gone to this exhibit, gone back to the airport and flown home to Texas, it would have been worth it.
Martha Stewart viewed the exhibit last Thursday, and wrote that it is the most breath-taking exhibit of quilts she has ever seen.
 the central circular column of quilts.
The lighting was extraordinary!  Each quilt was individually illuminated.
From a distance, each "column" of quilts appeared to glow.

This group of women includes New Yorkers, Australians, and British.
They traveled here specifically for the show.
Mark Lipinski (back facing the camera) kneels to chat with them in the refreshment area
My daughter is the hair-twirler in the foreground.


  1. Every time I see photos of this exhibit, I am awe struck. I wish I could get there before it closes. Have a wonderful time in NYC and give Melly a huge hug from me. Have fun!

  2. Just wonderful to see this display of quilts, thanks for posting this.

  3. Stunning. How I wish I could fly away for a moment just to see them.

  4. I have a fantasy that involves my getting on a red-eye flight to NY to see this.

  5. How fabulous that you got to see this exhibit! It sounds amazing. Martha Stewart had very nice coverage of it this morning.

  6. It was such an honor to be in the presence of this exhibition. Without question, it was the most stunning presentation and lighting of any quilt collection I have seen. A new standard has been set, in my opinion.

  7. Thanks so much for this post from those of us who can't make it there. This is SO GORGEOUS!!!

  8. I made the trip from Austin to NYC for the weekend, prompted to go by this exhibit and I agree, totally worth it. The lighting of the quilts was exquisite and I truly believe the exhibit display will influence quilt shows and exhibits in the future. The designers and curators definitely set a new standard.

  9. Hey, l am one of the aussies in your photo. What fun we had!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Norway and New jersey were at this table too!
    hey Marks from NJ too!
    What an incredible quilt show, wonder if there will ever be one to top this?
    The quilts were just amazing as well as the presentation and lightening...I agree a new standard has been set.

  11. It was so much fun to meet you! Wonderful memories.....


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