Monday, March 7, 2011

Barbara Brackman presents a wonderful program at Moda Fabrics

Barbara Brackman is a quilt historian, writer, as well as a fabric designer at Moda.  And, she is from Lawrence, Kansas, where I was born!  She is a treasure, and I regret that I missed the opportunity to know her while I was still living in Kansas, but I am so happy I met her last weekend in Dallas.  She is a wealth of information about historic textiles, and a charming and funny speaker.  I was fortunate to hear her present to the AAQ board as well as a program about researching and documenting antique textiles, and listen to her being interviewed for Quilters:  Save Our Stories.
Barbara began her presentation with a look into a swatchbook from 1835 that was acquired by Mark Dunn 
Her investigation and documentation of the cloth designers was 
Mark shows members of the AAQ board another swatch book.

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