Friday, August 7, 2009

Encaustic Workshop, Day One

Collage, encaustic
oil, paper, hand-dyed silk, dried flower, beads, gold leaf, wood chopsticks
techniques used: collage, inlay
10x10 inches

collage, encaustic
oil, paper, dried leaves
techniques used: collage, etching
5x5 inches

collage, encaustic
oil, acrylic, post-consumer paper, art paper
techniques used: collage, inlay, etching
(thermofax print on paper is from a drawing I made of myself at age 2)
8x8 inches

collage, encaustic
techniques used: etching, inlay, and scraping
6x6 inches

What a wonderful day of creative discovery! Today was my first-ever experience working with encaustics. I have long been an admirer of the process, so I jumped at the opportunity to spend 2 days in a workshop devoted to it.
Deanna Wood, from Denton TX, facilitated the workshop at Stamp Antonio, a wonderful shop located a few miles down the road from my home.
I created these 4 pieces today. The top one is truly "over-the-top" with collaged items. I wonder how long the chopsticks will hang in there! I used some of my wax shavings to create
3-dimensional "flowers" at the top of the board. It will look better when I work with the wax tomorrow. I decided to leave it alone to cure a bit more before I tackle it again. The dried rose in the lower left-hand corner was taken from an floral arrangement of a dear friend last fall. I am satisfied with the other 3 pieces as they are.
Here is the website of our instructor:


  1. these are really cool. I think this technique is great for you. Love the one with the just makes me want to sing!

  2. Leslie,
    This are totally wonderful! I love each and every one. Love to hear more about the process sometime, or at least your experience of it. Keep up the good work. Hope your workshop today was equally as fun!

  3. This is really fun! We need to try it together sometime!


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