Sunday, May 10, 2009


"Cityscape" detail
"Edge of Information:  A Cityscape of Paper and Cloth"

Curator's Art Quilt "Edge of Information:  A Cityscape of Paper & Cloth"
Pacific Coast Fiber Artists and Friends present "Edges" 21 art quilts in this Special Exhibit; 36w x 48H Vertical Format will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach in July 2009. Jamie Fingal is the co-curator. The artists are: Frances Holliday Alford, Betty Amador, Loris Bogue, Paula Chung, Joanell Connolly, Cindy Cooksey, Muna Elias, Desiree Habicht, Carol Henke, Stacy Hurt, Pamela Price Klebaum, Jane LaFazio, Gwen Mayer, Jeannie Palmer Moore, Karen Rips, Carolyn Ryan, Julie Schlueter, Terry Waldron and Kathy York.
Sponsored by Quilting Arts Magazine 


  1. I love your piece. We're going to have a great show in Long Beach! Can't wait!

  2. Oh Leslie, I love this! Thanks for using nice high-res images so we can get in there and really see your quilting lines ... beautiful!

  3. Thanks for your kind words. I am very excited about this piece. It feels like a "breakthrough" piece for me. I can't wait to see "Edges" at the Long Beach show!


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