Sunday, May 10, 2009

revisiting the past

Leslie at the front door of our house on Moundview Drive
circa 1955

same house, 2009 
(it was white with a red door and fence when we lived in it, & no windmill)

On Mother's Day Billie and I decided to revisit all the places we had lived in Topeka.  We grew up in the same neighborhood but didn't know one another as children.  Our paths crossed many times over the years before we became close friends.  We had a great time looking at our old houses and talking about memories of growing up in Topeka.  
It was a cloudy, rainy day.  We stopped at a local dairy that makes Brown Bread ice cream.
Both of us have fond memories of going to the neighborhood dairy for brown bread ice cream as kids.  I would be curious if anyone who reads this has heard of it.  My guess is that it was a regional thing.  It sounds super-weird, but it is amazingly good!

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