Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who says there are no "Quilt Police"?

In one of the most clever, tongue-in-cheek demonstrations I've ever seen, volunteer Cassandra Plott dresses up as a member of the "Quilt Police" for her stint in the quilt exhibits at festival.  Normally referred to as "quilt angels", whose role is to prevent people from touching the artwork, photographing in areas where it is not allowed, etc., Cassandra, with true quilt artist flair, created a fabulous ensemble!

So, watch out!  The Quilt Police are ON IT!


  1. Oh you are a great Quilt Policewoman!!
    People can be BAD when it comes to quilt displays. You'll keep 'em in line, but with a smile.

  2. Cassandra your costume is wonderful! and a great laugh at the end of a long show! Thank you !
    Judy Gula


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