Friday, April 15, 2011

More images from the Cincinnati quilt festival

 The mounted police were posted outside the main door of the arena.
I guess they got the "heads-up" about this rowdy quilt crowd.
A bird's-eye view of a portion of the show floor.
Quilts were positioned on either side of the vendors.
The city of Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce threw us a party on Friday night.
In this photo (L-R) Jamie Fingal, Judy Gula of Artistic Artifacts, Cheryl Sleboda (aka Muppin),
and IQA President Pepper Cory.  A fine time was had by all.
A. Really. Fine. Time.
Clearly, I get no respect.

 tickets in the foreground.  Everyone was giving us their tickets.
Cheryl and Kathryn having a good laugh.
Too bad we never have any fun.....

my foot (L) and Judy Gula's.  Barefoot dancers.

Band members pose with Judy Gula, Pokey Bolton, and Liz Kettle


  1. I promise to respect you more in the future. I forgot about this shot and glad this is clearly documented that I can look so very not-so-ladylike sticking out my tongue!

  2. Actually, I think I prefer the lack of respect and general goofiness. Please don't change a thing!!

  3. Leslie, you have more fun than the law allows! Thanks for the living-by-proxy provided by your pics. ;^)

  4. We had such a great time with the workshop participants. We are doing it again in Houston, Linda. Come play with us!


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