Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Beautiful new wood stamps!

I saw the coolest wood stamps, very similar to batik chops, at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.
I had the best intentions of returning to the booth of Colouricious, who was selling the beautiful stamps created by the Indian Block Company, but I failed to do it.  I was happy that I remembered their name so I stopped by and ordered several to experiment with.  The blocks are so beautiful that I could almost consider them decorative.  The nautilus shape is one of my favorites, so I had to have them!
I wondered how long it would take to receive them, since the company is based in the UK, but it was less than one week from online order to delivery. Amazing!


  1. Oh Leslie, those are beautiful. I collect nautilus shapes and one of the first hand quilting projects I did was of a nautilus shell. I look forward to seeing the creations inspired by your new wood blocks.

  2. They are beautifully crafted. I'm thrilled with them as objects, as much as for their function!

  3. Whoa...these are incredible! What a terrific find. Thanks for sharing!

  4. At the show she had some amazing bug stamps. I couldn't find them on her site. The stamps were all gorgeous. The other nice thing is they are made of really nice wood.


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