Friday, November 1, 2013

"What's For Dinner" Is A Hit in Houston!

Jamie and I were so thrilled that everyone loved the "What's For Dinner" exhibit in Houston.
A reporter and photographer from the Houston Chronicle interviewed us on Sunday during Quilt Market and took numerous photos, several of which I will share here along with the link:
Here I am, posing with my piece, "Nourishment and Tradition"

Jamie poses with her "Four Food Groups"
I love this photo of us...

And, of course, we started cracking up!

The photos are the property of the Houston Chronicle. Click here for the article.

I have loads of photos from the exhibit but have not had time to add them to my computer.  I will add to this post very soon, but wanted everyone to see the article.  We were so thrilled!  Thanks to the Houston Chronicle for featuring this beautiful, fun exhibit.  No one enjoyed it more than we did!


  1. The article is fantastic, you girls are on a roll! It's been so fun for me ( an oldie newbie at quilting) follow the Houston show through the eyes of my new fb friends. Thanks for inspiration!!

  2. Such a unique way of displaying the quilts! I am glad it was such a success.


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