Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pop-Up Gallery and the Surface Design Conference

Greetings!  I've been away from my blog for a couple of weeks and I apologize for not posting.  Between an overcrowded disc on my computer and an overcrowded schedule, I was struggling to find time to sort it all out!  (I'm not sure how successful I was at finding room in either case, but so be it).
The time is finally here:  the Surface Design Conference in San Antonio is beginning this week, with pre-conference workshops and bus tours of some of the sights in the city.
Those of us who share the Art Cloth Studio space decided to have a pop-up gallery to welcome people on the tour.  Everyone has been anxious to visit the new digs, which are very close to completion.  The following are a few shots taken this morning as the tour groups came through.
Everything but the two center pieces on this wall are mine.  
The two in the center were created by Lisa Kerpoe.

The work on the table (foreground) is by Miki Rodriguez,
and the fabrics on the back are by Lisa Kerpoe.

Miki Rodriguez' work

I made the flags hanging in the doorway...
more about those later.

Guest artist Sharon  Rowley created the beautiful large prayer flags
that will hang across the buildings of the 1803 studio during the SDA conference.

Jane welcomes part of the tour group into the newly completed wet studio building.

I will be updating the blog regularly during the conference so please stop by often to see more images.

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