Sunday, April 7, 2013

Piecing, Jurying, & even a few Hexi's in the mix....

I apologize for not posting in a while.  I gave myself a few days to rest up after the trip to Arizona.  I didn't mention in the previous posts that I flew to SoCal from Phoenix to spend time with Jamie for a few days before I returned to Texas.  We enjoyed our time together.

We have a construction project underway on our property:  the demolition of the old pool cabana (a useless, if cute, structure), and are progressing toward a covered-porch and outdoor kitchen.  Many setbacks along the way due to some unforeseen issues (hello, septic system located in an entirely different place from the original house plans).  The resolution of this rather large hiccup has lead to even better plans that are now unfolding.  Below is my husband, standing in front of the framing for the poured concrete that will house the wood-burning pizza oven.  He is pretending to shovel a pizza in and out of the oven!

I've been back in the studio with quite a number of plates spinning, or at least wobbling in the air...

I have been revisiting my love of piecing.  I started this right after the holidays. I had a major stressor in my extended family that sent me into the studio for what i would like to call "comfort piecing".  It was perfect therapy, resulting in a lot of pieced things that need some finishing.  I'll show you.

At least 3 different things rolling along on the design wall...

Late last night I pulled the pieced blocks down and started messing with them.
I'm trying to decide what to use as "filler" blocks.  I'm still not certain.
The dog is not certain, either, and she is really bored with me.

eh...I just don't know about any of this.  Black with white print?  White with black print?
Both? None of the above?  I'm not feelin it.

Biz has just about "had it" with me.  Just after this shot she started stealing things off the floor.
This is her trademark maneuver for distracting me away from my work.

Also in the mix:  some hand-basted hexi's!
These, believe it or not, are going to be configured into the shape of an ovary and a fallopian tube.
They will be, theoretically anyway, appliqued onto a background for a quilt that is to be donated to 
All the more poignant since I now know 3 women who are battling this awful disease.

And, I'm jurying an exhibition.  It is a process that takes time.  So between sessions at the computer, I'm piecing, sketching, writing, and thinking.  Oh!, and I'm playing with Bizzi.


  1. Thank you! Still on the fence as to what I should insert into the other spaces.
    Better get back there and stare at it some more!

  2. Oh no, the adorable little cabana is gone! But I'm sure what you are planning will be even more wonderful. Can't wait to see it!
    Your pieced blocks are gorgeous ... what about a single black/white block, offset, as an accent?

    1. I know...I miss the cabana but it was useless. This will be much more functional, but probably not as cute! You need to come over and visit!

  3. Beautiful piecing--love your color choices. And I've never seen such an expressively upset dog! so cute!

    1. Thank you, Nadia. The dog is quite able to express herself!


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