Monday, April 15, 2013

Life Starts Here...

Today, especially after the horrible events that occurred in Boston, I decided to write about something that I experienced during the summer of 2011.  I returned to Santa Fe, NM, to spend time with 2 dear friends of mine from Kansas.  We don't get to see each other very much now that I have moved to Texas, and we find that planning a trip to a different destination is a great way to stay connected to one another.  
While we were in the area we wandered up to Taos, to Georgia O'Keefe's ranch, and more.  One of the fun things we did was walk across this bridge.

I was so taken with this little scratched-out message located right in the center of the bridge.

Life Starts Here.  

Every morning we wake up and make a decision.  Will we live this day to the fullest or will we spend it in worry or anger?  I know it isn't always that simple.  I know we each have our cares.  But, really, we each make a choice as to how to live our lives.  
I'm heartsick over the events that occurred in Boston today.  I will never understand terrorism and violence.  
But, tomorrow, I will wake up and do the very best I can to stay in the moment, to work with intent, to realize that each day is precious.  
Because, quite frankly, every single day we can say to ourselves, "Life Starts Here".  


  1. so true. We really never know which day will be our last and every day we are here can be a new beginning if we choose to make it so. Lovely pics. Have been to Taos such a great spot.

  2. Great post, definitely words to live by

  3. Thanks, everyone. I truly try to live my life this way. Every single day is a gift.


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