Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quilt Back Fun

Now that the baby has been born I can show the back of her quilt.
Really, this is a two-sided quilt.
Here is the front:
And here is the back:
Her name was screen printed on the back, then outlined with Pentel Gel Roller
Fabric Marker, as were the citrus

This image is rather "bleached" out due to the flash.
The truer color is seen on the ones above...
Because the quilt is very low-loft I decided to make a small envelope for it, thinking this might be something to tuck into the diaper bag and use as a lightweight coverlet on the go.

The loop is a stretchy hair band!

I'm so happy to meet you,
lovely Clementine!


  1. The back is a dream. That's so great. I love the envelope, too.

  2. Leslie, I have always admired the beautiful backs you put on your quilts ... and this one "tops" them all!

  3. I have a bit of quilt back vanity. I admit it.
    Oh that baby! She is a little beauty, and the best part is I get to be the "other" tutu!

  4. The little girl printed on the back is a thermofax screen based on a photo of myself as a 3-year old. Colin, I put this on the back of Moxie's quilt, too.

  5. That is SO cute!!! I just stumbled onto your blog, Amazing work!! Congrats on the new baby too!!!


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