Friday, March 9, 2012

Springtime Sightings in Texas

I love this time of year:  things are blooming and my wish for a wildflower-covered landscape is coming true this year!  I need to do some wandering in the countryside to get some wildflower shots, and will post images once I do.  Recently I took a less-traveled highway and spotted a few colorful things:
these gorgeous Bradford pears lined someone's ranch entrance
I don't know what kind of rooster this guy is, but he sure is pretty!

magnificent cypress trees keep their feet wet in the Guadalupe river near Kerrville TX
In my own garden the Texas Mountain Laurels are in bloom


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  2. Yep, we're starting to see many signs of spring here in Ohio, too. Way too early for us, but it's here nonetheless.
    The photo of the cypress trees is really neat. It surprised me, though, because I've always thought that cypress was evergreen.
    Every day is a learning opportunity!
    Thanks for posting these cheerful shots!

  3. You raise a good point about Cypress: I think maybe there are varieties that are evergreen. I need to do some research!

  4. How do you make your blog layout this good???
    I really love it!


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