Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Progress on a scrap quilt...and some other random stuff

A few months ago the San Antonion Modern Quilt Guild had a block of the month drawing for strip-pieced quilt blocks.  The design idea was simple:  strip piece 6.5 inch blocks with a yellow fabric strip diagonally through the center.  I was fortunate to win the blocks!  Ever since that fortunate win I have been steadily working on creating more blocks, as I love the scrappy look of them, yet the yellow strips create a pattern that unifies the overall appearance.  Here is what I have so far:
I'm working in a large, "double diamond" orientation.

More has been added since this photo was taken and I'll post another, better image soon.  This is a nice, 
meditative activity.  To construct these, simply cut 6.5 inch squares of plain muslin cloth to serve as the foundation for the strips.  Strips can be any width:  in fact, I think the blocks have more interest if the strips vary in width!  I randomly piece these together, but find I am liking the way the yellow elements are consistent inside one "diamond".  I think I will add a bright strip of color around the perimeter, then perhaps another strip pieced border and a back, but no additional batting.  This will be a quilt (3 layers) but will serve as a coverlet.

I took some images of a couple of odds and ends in my house, just for fun.  Here they are:
I have a glass "fetish".  Here are a couple of the glass platters I have installed in the living room.

Did I mention I love (adore) skeletons?

and metal repose' hearts?

more skeletons and a miniature mixed media piece

another heart made by a Kansas City artist (name unknown at the time of purchase).

This is the coolest stuff!  Yarn created from paper!
You can get it at Darn Good Yarn.  Mary Ruth Smith introduced me to this fantastic website.

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