Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Wonderful Quote from Ira Glass (of 'This American Life' on NPR)

This resonates with me so much.  I posted it on Facebook, but it is worth sharing here, too.


  1. I came across this quote a couple of weeks ago, and it's now on the work board in my studio. Every time I get frustrated, I look at it and it helps me get past that point. I've been working on one last piece for an upcoming show in March and I finally had to admit to myself that I really don't like the piece as it's not a representation of who I am. I got the courage to put it away for later and started on something that was in my head and heart instead. I'll be up late getting this done but will be happy with the results. This is such an inspiring quote. Thanks for sharing it again.

  2. Wow! I so needed to read this. I am going through a stage of thinking 'It's not good enough....maybe I am not good enough!' As someone who has only been working at my art consistently for the last year or so, I REALLY needed to read this. Thank you!


    And it helps when someone whose opinion you KNOW is impeccable (like Karey B) thinks you've done good work, even when you are still uncertain. When doubt surfaces as it always will (at least if you are testing and stretching yourself), you can grab onto that straw and it will be a lifeline and get you through to the next creative phase.

    And by the way...those Naot shoes..I've got them too (also metallic but a different color)!

  4. I think we ALL need to read this (or a version of this) periodically. Sometimes, we need to read it at least once a day!

  5. Thank's to spend your time to share. This is what I (and others, I believe), really need. It's really very informative post. Please keep it up. Looking for more relevant post.

  6. Thanks for posting this Leslie, I have copied it off and it has been placed in several areas around my home.
    It was good seeing you in TX last week.


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