Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Foto Fiber 90 Fundraiser for the American Cancer Society

In one week the Foto Fiber 90 Event begins!  Don't miss out!

The FFAC 2012 fundraising event for the American Cancer Society is in one week!  Please stop by Virginia Spiegel's blog to get all the details.  Since the first event we have raised over $200,000, and every cent goes to the American Cancer Society.  
This year Virginia has invited a number of artists to contribute three "bonus packs".  When you make a donation to the ACS you will be gifted with a photo and a bonus pack chosen randomly.  Please stop by 
Virginia's blog for all the details.  The gold donor day is Wednesday, February 15th, so mark your calendar!  Foto-fiber day is Thursday, February 16th.  
Here are the 3 bonus packs I am contributing:

One of these little gems could be yours!
Thank you in advance if you decide to participate.

My mother had breast cancer.  One of my very close friends did battle with breast cancer last year and won! I know far too many people who have fought against this terrible disease.  Let's make a difference!
Stop by Virginia Spiegel's blog and check out the event.


  1. Love your bonus packs and that they are framed! Great idea! The fabric wrapping is a nice touch too! I hope that all of our art brings in alot of money for the American Cancer Society!


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