Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am bursting with excitement at the possibilities that 2012 holds!  I feel energized, ready to get into my studio and make art, and I look forward to crossing paths with many of you throughout the coming year.
I spent New Years Eve quietly at home with my husband.  Part of that time was spent working in the studio and contemplating the previous year.  I feel so grateful for all the opportunities that came my way in 2011.  I taught at a number of wonderful venues, filmed a workshop dvd for Interweave, and contributed work to the upcoming book, The Sketchbook Challenge, among other things.  It was so much fun to meet and work with so many great students.  I managed to make some of my own work, too, but it was admittedly a greater challenge because of all the travel.
The Sketchbook Challenge continues in 2012!  I hope you will consider joining us for the journey.  Several new contributing artists will be joining many of us who remain.  The year promises to be at least as great as the past one.  We start off with the theme of "Doodling" for January.  Who doesn't love to doodle?!
Are you a person who sets new goals at the beginning of the year?  Perhaps spending more time drawing could be one of them.  The SBC has been a great and positive influence for me, personally.  I think it might be the same for you!

On a completely different topic:  I spent some time at my friends' new property near San Antonio.  I was so inspired by the beauty and unusual rock shapes on the land.  I thought I would share a few recent photos with you.  I hope you will enjoy them.

I grew up in the midwest and all the rivers had muddy water.
Look at this water!  Gorgeous!  So are the mallards!

Can you see a gorilla face in the rocks?

Spanish moss overwhelms this gigantic oak tree.

Huge cypress trees line the edge of the river.

This is a huge branch of one of the biggest live oak trees I have ever seen.

Ahhh!  Life is good.

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  1. Gorgeous river shots. I love being in that kind of environment - hopefully, more or some camping for Charlie and me in the new year. I hope it's a very creative year for all of us!


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