Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Foto Fiber 90 Fundraiser Studio Bonus Packs!

We are just over a month from our 2012 fundraising event for the American Cancer Society!  Please stop by Virginia Spiegel's blog to get all the details.  I hope you will participate.  I have been part of this wonderful grassroots effort since the beginning.  We have raised over $200,000, and every cent goes to the American Cancer Society.  
This year Virginia has invited a number of artists to contribute three "bonus packs".  When you make a donation to the ACS you will be gifted with a photo and a bonus pack chosen randomly.  Please stop by 
Virginia's blog for all the details.  The gold donor day is Wednesday, February 15th, so mark your calendar!  Foto-fiber day is Thursday, February 16th.  
I will be showing my studio bonus packs as the weeks unfold.  Below is one of the three I am donating.

Each pack will have the equivalent of 2 fat quarters of
hand-dyed, screen printed cloth (cotton, silk, or a cotton-silk blend)

Each pack will have a framed, mixed-media "mailart" collage!

This could be yours for joining the fun and making a donation!


  1. How generous fiber artists are - I see it all over the place. You are one of the most generous. I saw this last year, but did not know what is going on. I'll participate this year. thanks for posting.

  2. How nice of you to say that, Sandra. It is a wonderful project which I am very honored to be a part of. I can't wait to see the photographs!


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