Monday, December 26, 2011

The gift(s) of art

All my husband and I wanted as holiday gifts from our children was some of their art.  We are so fortunate to have 3 children who happen to be multi-talented artists.  In addition to some crazy and silly gifts, we got some great art!
Two tiny companion paintings from our second daughter.
She remembered that I was excited about my first spotting of a Painted Bunting 
in the garden this year!

These are 3x4 inches each, gouache, framed.

Among other things, my oldest daughter made each family member a magical Hogwarts-esque wand!
Here is mine!

My youngest, who is minoring in photography @SUNY Purchase,
took these silver gelatin photographs, developed them, matted and framed them.

Here she is, with her head  inside a rusted old Chevy on our friends' property,
with her Hasselblad.

Among other things, I was gifted with this fantastic wig.
I wore it all day long!  
I wouldn't mind having white hair if it would ever turn white!
I admit that this wig had a lot of room at the top.  I think I looked like a cross between
Marge Simpson and Marie Antoinette.


  1. i loved this idea, i think i will ask for this for my birthday. u have talented kids

  2. What lovely gifts you received from your talented daughters. I agree that those are the best things we can get. Lovely!


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