Sunday, December 11, 2011

Funky Day of the Dead Wallhanging

This is a prototype for a class proposal.  I had fun making it and thought I would share it with you.
I did a LOT of hand-stitching and embellishing on this, and just a little machine-work at the end.  It was fun!  You probably know by now how much I adore skeletons.  The quilt back "panel" and stitched sleeve on the previous post was created for this quilt (dimensions 16"w by 20"long).
all the fabrics were fused prior to cutting.
I used the Go! cutter to do the wavy black and white ric rac.

The babies, buffaloes, hippos, sushi, and plates (I can't explain this combo) were glued on.

Worry dolls were hand-stitched, as were the buttons.  Free-motion on the black felt.

The lotteria card...well, keep your fingers crossed on this. 
The heart is glued on!


  1. That looks like it would be a great class. Would you do it here in SA? I like to work with the Day of the Dead theme, and I really love the colors. Hope you do the class here later after catch-up from the holidays.

  2. Sandra, you never know.......I'll take it into consideration!

  3. I just love day of the dead too, but not something we celebrate in Oz. Unfortunately!!

  4. Sue, maybe you could start a new trend down under!

  5. Buffalo! And pink babies! The only "problem" with this quilt is that I want to pet it. ;^)

  6. LOL! Linda, you can "pet" this any time you want!

  7. how wonderful this is. I am working on a project for a friend similar to this not in fabric just paper you have inspired the artist with in again. Thanks for sharing i love love love your work


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