Friday, October 22, 2010

Wedding Banners

My oldest daughter visited last week.  She was on her way to attend the wedding of friends and fellow-classmates from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Textiles.  She was commissioned to do the decor for the wedding, and spent part of her time finishing two huge (16 feet wide by 24 feet long) pieced banners.  The venue was in an outdoor amphitheater and the banners were to be suspended from two large columns.  I'm anxiously awaiting photos of the event, but here are a few images of the process of construction.  Once she sends me photos from the wedding I'll add them to this post.
laying out the banners for cutting (one on top of the other)

pieced banners were cut in arcs, sections switched from one to the other

banner transport system (to and from the sewing machine)

finished banners, end-to-end in the garden

The humans, and Bizzi the Schnauzer (who "helped")

the dog has the tough job of supervising the humans

Folding the banners (Bizzi says, "My job is done.  I'm outta here!")


  1. W O W ! These are stupendous! And I love the 'banner transport system'!

  2. What a beautiful idea! Can't wait to see the wedding!

  3. As soon as my daughter sends images of the wedding I promise to post them to the blog. She reported that the banners were gorgeous hanging outdoors. The setting was near a bluff in a state park just before sunset, so I feel certain it was spectacular!

  4. These are tremendous! What a great flow of creative energy to celebrate a wedding! Love the photos of them in your yard!


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