Monday, October 25, 2010

Eye of the Quilter

The second annual "Eye of the Quilter" exhibition will open next week at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.  I was fortunate to have one photo in the first year, and feel equally excited to have two images in this exhibit.
One of my fascinations is to know about the things that inspire artists.  What do we look at?  What shapes speak to us?  This exhibition is a keyhole into that topic.
I can't wait to spend time in this special exhibition!
Here are my accepted images:
"Mossy Gestures"
I snapped this image of my youngest daughter while we were 
hiking through a forest north of Vancouver, BC.
She is known for her physical comedy; a great imitator of facial expressions!

"Urban Comfort"
This is an image of my oldest daughter, taken on our patio.
She is roasting marshmellows in our fire bowl.
I love the sharp relief the firelight casts on her profile.


  1. Great photos! Congrats on your win.

  2. Thank you, Norma! I didn't really "win" anything, but I feel like I won just by getting juried into the exhibition.


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