Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House Quilt Project

Jamie Fingal invited several artists to join her in creating a quilt to commemorate the newest completed homes in Orange County for Habitat for Humanity.
Here is what Jamie has to say about the project:

I am working with Furnishing Hope of Orange County.  Beth Phillips heads up this non-profit organization that works with interior designers to decorate, furnish and create amazing interiors for houses that Habitat for Humanity builds in Orange County.
I am coordinating the making of small house quilts for each family in a San Juan Capistrano tract that H4H is building.  Each wall quilt will be 12"wide by 16"long and will reflect the interior colors and style of each individual house.  I have asked 13 artists to participate in this project with me.  Furnishing Hope is on Facebook too, if you want to learn more about what they do or make a donation.

This is the quilt I created for the project.

Please visit Jamie's blog for additional images of quilts in the project.

An article about Habitat homes in San Juan Capistrano - and a video - so be sure to watch that part.  Beth Phillips was Jamie's contact person.

A final note:  an Open House was held on Thursday, 9/23/10.  Jamie Fingal and Felisa Lyons attended, and said that the event was very moving.  Jamie was kind enough to photograph the quilt I donated in its new home:

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