Saturday, September 18, 2010

Progression of Ungessoed canvas #2

Laying on the paint!
I put a lot of this paint onto the canvas with a palette knife
Then, I came back over it with a cheap brush.
I was doing "controlled flinging" of paint at the end.

Between the amount of humidity due to all the rain and the amount of paint on this canvas, this baby is going to take awhile to dry!  I decided to start another canvas this evening so it could dry out overnight.
This gives me something to look forward to in the morning!

My goal is to have about a half-dozen of these canvases in various stages so I can move through them and add layers.  I think this will keep me working more quickly and loosely.

Previously, when I was doing more painting than textile-work, my painting style was pretty tight.  There is a time and place for that, for certain, but I think the ability to cut-loose and paint with a lot of abandon is truly important.  Strangely, I am better-able to do that on cloth.  Perhaps this is one of the reasons the unstretched canvas has so much appeal; I've been working with it a lot in the last year.  There is something very liberating about "jumping off the frame".  

11 am Sunday Morning:
Here is the next layer which includes marks with a large, fat marker, then paint loosely applied with a cheap housepainting brush and a cheap, student-grade round.  Also, some watered down acrylic was loaded into a nozzle-tip bottle and "painted", then allowed to run.

this is one end of the canvas

here is the other

3:00 pm:  Here is the 3rd layer of paint, text, and miscellaneous marks:

left side of canvas

right side of canvas

detail (I used some Pitt pens in a few places)


I am, quite literally, waiting for paint to dry.

4:30 pm Layer #4:  paint, markers, writing, mulberry paper collaged with matte medium

left side of canvas

right side



The canvas is starting to darken.  I think the next layer will include some watered down light colors, possibly some more collaged paper.  I dug around in my studio closet and found some cool orange paper.  Guess what color is coming?

8:30 pm.  Layer 5:  washing areas with white, stamping, and more controlled flinging of paint

left side of canvas
I had to break down and do a bit of painting over my snapdragons.
Did you notice I was avoiding them?  They had become boyfriends.

I may have gotten carried away with my "flinging".
Now I think I will have to wait until tomorrow to do another layer.
I want these to dry with a pronounced texture.


  1. Leslie, I want to try! What kind of paints are you using? Acrylics? House paints? Is there a reason for using "ungessoed" canvas, other than the fact that it is not stretched? Love what you are doing so far!
    Now if only I could get back to my studio. ;^)

  2. The paint behaves differently on an ungessoed canvas. We teach on the gessoed canvas surface because it "eats" less paint. Also, ungessoed is a bit cheaper. It has a rougher texture because the gesso filler is absent. I don't really know, other than that. I like working with both types.
    Some of this will get cut up and resorted. Also, I plan to applique, collage, and do image transfer, as well as some thermofax/screen printing on these canvases.
    The paint is cheap: I went to Michaels and got some nasty craft paint, because I needed some additional colors. I have a lot of partially full bottles of this and that but I lacked enough white and black paint. Also, I bought a bunch of spray paint, but that is definitely outdoor work and I haven't been able to get outside because of the weather.

  3. I love your colour scheme and it is so fun!

  4. Thanks so much, Jackie! I am having a great time. Waiting for paint to dry.....

  5. This is way fun. I love all of the layers of color and texture. The words, objects and the look of graffiti. It is coming together and it is fabulous. I think it's great that you've shown us it in stages.

  6. These are beautiful!

  7. Thank you! It has another layer, but I had to leave the house in the middle of it so I haven't gotten to "photo stage" yet. Stop back over tomorrow afternoon.

  8. Your colors are amazing! So fresh and appealing. Color and gesture are drawing me in! I want to frame some of those detail shots.


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