Saturday, April 3, 2010

collaged paper lamination on sheer, followed by metal leaf lamination

I've been struggling to find a way to interpret a particular element for a quilt I'm working on.  After taking several different paths to achieve what I want, it suddenly dawned on me that laminating a collage of papers onto a sheer might be exactly what I need for this piece.
I sliced pages from several design magazines 
and positioned them under sheer fabric

For the first step I used matte medium
and a wallpaper brush

Cloth was pinned to my work surface.
I swiped the brush repeatedly across the surface of the sheer with matte medium.
Eventually I was pouring matte medium directly onto the surface and pushing it around with the brush

Pins were removed and the piece was allowed to dry thoroughly.
After drying, I heat-set it between two sheets of teflon.
The entire piece was immersed in a bucket of water to soak for a few minutes.
Then I rubbed off the excess paper (outside, because it is messy!)

After drying, I screened heavy gel medium through a thermofax screen
on the opposite side from the paper lamination & allowed it to dry for a few minutes.
Then, I positioned sheets of black metal leaf over the screened medium.
After waiting a few minutes, I heat-set the leaf.
Using a paintbrush I gently removed excess leaf from the surface.
Very messy!

Here is what I have:  I don't think I'm finished

I may brush even more of the leaf from the surface.
I'll wait until tomorrow to push this forward because I need to think about it a bit....
Also, I need to look at this piece next to my other sections of pieced cloth and see how they look together.  I will do this with fresh eyes in the morning.


  1. Love the effect of both the paper and the foil. Creates great depth! I've never used matte medium. Does it become a solid, and the ink from the paper is transferred to the medium?

  2. The medium is a more liquid version of gel medium: it is a plastic that soaks into the surface of the paper (through the sheer) and when dry, the paper surface becomes "laminated" to the surface of the sheer that it remained in contact with during the drying process. The paper is then soaked to loosen and remove the paper back, which is rubbed away. Very fun!

  3. Thanks - I'm going to have to try it out.

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